Your needs

We work with leaders, boards, and teams to deliver on organisational goals, speak with a consistent voice, listen well, manage issues, reduce risk, and get results.

With director-level leadership and involvement in all our projects we bring together teams with the right experience, knowledge, and expertise to create a bespoke team to support you. One that best suits your individual needs and requirements, no matter where you are.

We are known for delivering high quality, responsive work, challenging and supporting in equal measure to get the best outcomes for our clients.

What we can do for you

Leadership and capability building

Our goal is to help you become more effective, fulfilled, and successful in your role, and to help you make a positive impact on your organisation and community.

Building communications capability from the inside out is essential to long-term, sustainable success. We’ll work with your in-house communications team to build their capability, sharing our insights, tips and tools gained from decades working across the length and breadth of communications and engagement.

Change communications

No organisation can continue to operate the same way forever, change is inevitable, but making positive change happen is a major undertaking. A well-planned, well-managed change programme is the difference between a chaotic shake-up and a smooth organisational evolution.

We’re known for supporting our clients to deliver effective communications and engagement activity to deliver large scale transformational change programmes.

Stakeholder engagement

Your stakeholders are critical. They have great capacity to impact your success both positively and negatively.

Knowing who your stakeholders are, their needs, expectations, and interests is crucial to developing strategies and communications plans that will engage them and build trust and credibility.

We’ll work with you to identify your stakeholders, their motivations and who really owns the often-complex relationships at play to develop an effective stakeholder relations strategy for your organisation.

Issues management and crisis communications

Your reputation is one of your most important intangible assets – it is the sum of everything you do. Proactively managing your reputation is essential. We specialise in developing and delivering targeted strategies to manage issues before they become a crisis.

Crises can emerge unexpectedly, but how they’re managed is what matters. Without a proper crisis communication plan your organisation may struggle to communicate effectively, leading to further operational challenges and reputational damage.

We’re experts in developing strategies that ensure your organisation can own the crisis and respond with impact and empathy, mitigating negative consequences and making sure your organisation is the centre of trusted information about the issue.

Campaign development and delivery

Want to reach and engage with people on the issues that matter? Want to change behaviours, get people to listen, or inspire a movement? Do you need your community to get involved, pay attention, or do you have a service they should know about?

We create strong, inspiring, and impactful campaigns that are focused on helping you achieve your organisation’s goals.

Chairing and facilitation

We front press conferences, chair significant public meetings, and facilitate conversations between organisations and their communities.

We’ll help you and your organisation prepare to communicate effectively with the people that matter most to your success.


Want to learn from people who have been where you are before?

Our team has decades of experience working on complex service change and infrastructure programmes. We deliver national training on behalf of NHS England on consultation and the communications and engagement requirements for service reconfiguration. We regularly provide training for executive leaders to help them communicate effectively with key audiences, including the media.

Our team is adept at creating bespoke training to meet your needs.

Business case writing

Our seasoned team understands the critical role that a well-structured business case plays in driving change, securing funding, and realising your aspirations. We’ll take the complexities of your project or programme and distil them into a persuasive narrative, ensuring that your proposal resonates with stakeholders and decision-makers alike.

Whether you’re embarking on a new project or programme, seeking funding, or advocating for change, we’ll be your partner in articulating your vision.